Not-Your-Average Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Superwomen

Feb 08, 2023

Your Valentine's Day gift guide is here -- And it's not your average guide!

Many of the women i work with have toys that sit in drawers, have one favourite OR they don’t know where to start. I’m here to help with my top picks for toys and more to make your pleasure a priority.

Femtech has come such a long way - we don't just have sex toys shaped like penises! There are so many different options with female pleasure at the core. 70% of women reliably orgasm with clitoral stimulation and the toy industry has definitely listened.

Even Indigo and Sephora are getting on board, making shopping easier for Canadian customers(which i'm super happy about because I used to get these shipments sent to my US postal box back in the day, lol!) 

Here are my top picks for Superwomen like you. 

Note: These are not advertisements and all toys are truly recommended by me.


Great for yoni mapping, cervical de-armoring, and anal play. It's even great angle for prostate stimulation to use with partner! Shop here (there's even a Valentine's Day sale!)


Not your grandmothers vibrator -- Small, compact, discrete and quiet! Great for external clitoral stimulation for someone wanting to dip their toe into the sex toy world. Shop on Sephora


I'm featured in an article here, talking about why I love it! Just the right amount of suction and vibration! Slim enough to fit between couples in nearly every position for coupled sex, as well as being great on its own for solo play. Shop on Amazon


Great for external and internal stimulation. Sleek design that is inviting. also great for those that want to explore g-spot orgasms. (we teach this in The Pleasure Principles!) Shop here


A self-paced foundational program for Superwomen seeking fulfillment in life and relationships. The only program that understands you and what you need to have the connected relationships and mind-blowing sex you desire. Learn more and join now


The Hidden Secret to Optimum Health for Women. The Pink Canary is a book for all women who know that something is missing from their lives; who are tired of their doctor's telling them that there is nothing wrong and it's time to start another prescription. Buy here (outside of Canada) | Buy here (Canada) 

Send this guide to your partner to let them know what you *really* want for Valentine’s Day — or treat yourself to the pleasure you deserve! 


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