The Pleasure Principles

Redefine what pleasure means to you - to your sex life, to your marriage, to your relationships and more with the leading expert in guiding you to where sex and health meet, Dr. Jordin Wiggins. 

Taking you from too tired to turned on in 12 transformational weeks. 

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Alison S. 52 y/o Nurse Practitioner 

"It's hard to believe that a few months ago I couldn't imagine ever having sex again. I didn't care. It was the last thing I thought about. The Pleasure Principles has been a total overhaul. I am happier than I have been in a long time. I no longer waste my energy worrying about what to wear in the morning, or what others think of me. I finally know what I want."

Lily T. 44 y/o Executive & Mother

"I have made more progress on myself and in my marriage in the last 3 months than I did in 10 years of therapy. I always felt like I was following a trail of helpful breadcrumbs, but never getting to where I really wanted to be. I wanted "take on the world" level confidence and The PP helped every part of my life, even ones I wasn't expecting."

Carolyn P. 49 y/o Business Owner 

"I hated sex. I was miserable in my marriage. I resented my husband for even wanting to have sex with me. We were on the brink. The Pleasure Principles helped me sort through years of guilt, shame, and harmful beliefs I held about myself and sex. Now, I find pleasure everywhere and I make time for it because I know how important it is." 

The Pleasure Principles is for you if...

  • Sex feels like a chore 
  • You would rather scroll on your phone than be intimate with your partner
  • You don't care if you ever have sex again 
  • You were taught that women who enjoy sex are wrong, slutty or immoral 
  • Your relationship is in need of a little TLC
  • You feel like something is "off" but you can't put your finger on it

True wellness takes COMMITMENT. 

Dr. Jordin developed this program for real, lasting change based on medical research and years of experience working with thousands of women to help them heal all aspects of their physical, mental and sexual health.

Dr. Jordin is the only medical professional working in the space of sexual health and outstanding wellness - she gives you support, community, and progress. 

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