Meet Dr. Jordin

Dr. Jordin Wiggins is a Naturopathic Doctor, entrepreneur, women’s sexual health disruptor and author. She is revolutionizing the way we deliver, educate and talk about sexual health, wellness and pleasure for women. 

Dr. Wiggins founded, owns and operates Health Over All – the Premier Naturopathic Women’s Wellness Clinic in North America. Dr. Wiggins is the expert on hormones, mood imbalance, libido, bio-marker testing and providing individualized treatment plans to her patients for real results. Dr. Wiggins is a pioneer in women’s health, using the most advanced, exclusive testing and treatment measures to get you to where you want to be.

Dr. Wiggins is the founder of The Pleasure Collective, a coaching community and sexual health and wellness re-education program for women. She is setting a higher standard for women’s sexual health, using pleasure as the way back to wellness and outstanding health, not another pill. 

Dr. Wiggins is the only trained medical professional working in the field of sexual health and outstanding wellness that gives you more than just theory – she combines accurate medical research, with the real world experiences of the thousands of women she has treated to provide you with support, community and progress.

As the author of The Pink Canary, Dr. Wiggins explores the hidden secret to optimal women’s wellness along with the research to support it and real-life actions you can start right now to welcome pleasure back into your life.

Dr. Wiggins is a sought-after guest, speaker and contributor to publications around the world. Find more contributions from Dr. Wiggins in Healthline, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, HuffPost, and Bustle as well as a keynote guest on podcasts, including The Entrepology podcast, Fierce Feminine Leadership, and featured on KPHO-TV.



Sexual health information, community, and a mindset framework designed to give you the intimacy, confidence and energy you desire

The Pink Canary by Dr. Jordin Wiggins

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