The Pleasure Principles

The foundational sex education program for Superwomen. 

I know you - you're smart, capable, and resourceful. You don't need another sex coach telling you how to find your G-spot. You need a life-altering, sex re-education that sees you for the Goddess you are and teaches you how to get out of your head for fulfilled sex and deeper connection. 

Great sex requires pleasure, presence, and connection. 

The Pleasure Principles is the only program that understands you and what you need to have the connected relationships and mind-blowing sex you desire. 

Everything comes when you learn to receive. 

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The Pleasure Principles is Dr. Jordin Wiggins' foundational sex re-education program for Superwomen. 

Are you a Superwoman?

  • You spend your Saturday nights watching Netflix with your favourite snack, feeling lonely and disconnected from your partner or longing for a relationship to fulfil you. 
  • Your relationship is on the brink and you feel more like roommates than lovers 
  • You feel shame around your sexuality and power 
  • You're a giver and a fixer - you take on the problems of others with little recognition in return 
  • You're an overachiever - people can count on you to get shit done...even at the expense of yourself 
  • You've put your career or dreams on hold to take care of others 
  • You're yearning for something MORE
  • You want information that is grounded and supported with evidence and expertise 
  • You fear letting go and giving up control but you desire peace and to be cared for
  • Disconnected because you're so busy and overworked

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The truth don't know what YOU want. A lifetime of being shamed by family, friends, religion, culture, partners, & the media has taught you to run from your sexuality and desires.

You have never been given the permission to explore what brings you pleasure.

The Pleasure Principles will teach you...


Expand your understanding of how your body works, responds, and experiences pleasure, from anatomy to orgasms and hormonal cascades.


Tackle the outdated sex and pleasure beliefs that are holding you back from being present and experiencing great sex and connection.

Overcoming Overwhelm

Understand the impact of stress on the body's desire response and learn ways to reignite the desire centres in your brain so you can want to want to have sex again. 


Learn Dr. J's formula for uncovering hidden desires you never knew you had with the freedom to explore them without shame or guilt.


All of the best sex information in the world is useless if you cannot communicate your wants to your partner. Learn tips and formulas for asking for what you want. 


The most important skill you will learn from the Pleasure Principles. How to cut through the self-doubt to feel worthy of receiving all the pleasure you deserve.


Good sex requires pleasure, presence, and connection.

The Pleasure Principles is a curated, self-paced online program with monthly group coaching to get your questions answered.

You will get...

LIFETIME access to the Pleasure Principles Portal.

This is where you will find  all of your teachings, worksheets, formulas, and resources - with over 30 hours of content.

The Framework to explore your pleasure and sexuality, updated with new information regularly. 

LIVE Office Hours with a Pleasure Principles trained Pleasure Coach. 

Monthly drop-in Office Hours where you can show up to ask, discuss, and share with a trained Pleasure Coach to get real life and actionable solutions for the challenges you are facing. 

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The Pleasure Principles is for you if...

You long to feel seen, desired, and cared for. You want to relinquish control and be cared for by your partner. 

You want to learn to love all parts of yourself and to give and receive love without conditions or resentment. 

You desire connection, passion, and intimacy in your relationship. 

You want to reconnect to your happiness, laughter, and ease. 

You want to be f*cked properly by a man who revels in your sexuality. 

You want to feel alive, energetically charged, and passionate about your day. 

You want to make decisions from your heart and feel confident in your choices. 

You want to feel desired. 

You want to rest and relax without shame or guilt. 

You want to turn off the racing of your thoughts and turn on your connection, presence, and intimacy. 

You want to feel worthy of the love you desire. 

Hear from our Graduates...

Alison S. 37 y/o. Married. 

My sex life is better. My husband and I talk about sex. I used to feel so guilty about not wanting to have sex with him. But now I can enjoy the intimacy we do have because I am not so in my head worrying all the time. The to-do list has finally stopped. He even shared that he has been enjoying the new kind of intimacy we have more. I feel sexier in my skin. I don’t feel ashamed to be sexy and be feminine. I even enjoy initiating sex more. My libido is significantly better than it was and I don’t experience any pain with sex like I used to. 

GL. 41 y/o. Mother of Three.

I spent years reading every book under the sun but I could never find a structure that actually helped me start making real change. Because I would get overwhelmed and feel guilty that I couldn’t do what they were telling me to do, like it was just so easy for everyone else. This program is what I needed. Accountability and a structure that actually works for the things I wanted to see change. It's group, but it is so individual. My relationships got better, my friendships got better. I even got promoted at work.   

Kaitlyn P. 49 y/o. Business Owner 

I don't know where I would be without this program. I was miserable. I was taking it out on my husband and my kids and my employees. I don't even want to think about what they would say about me. I wake up and know what will bring me pleasure that day. I know that I’m doing things for me, not for someone else. My libido is higher than it has been in 18 husband has been the one to say no to me! Our relationship is better than when we first met, my kids are happier, my staff is happier. I AM HAPPIER. 

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It's time to reconnect and learn to receive pleasure.

Dr. Jordin is a Naturopathic Doctor and Feminine Burnout and Pleasure Coach.

She is the CEO of the Pleasure Collective, a coaching community for women reclaiming their pleasure, the author of The Pink Canary, an investigation into the hidden secret to optimal women’s wellness, host of The Pleasure Principles podcast, and retired owner of 7 figure women's health clinic.

She is a regular contributor to articles and TV, including Cityline, Cosmopolitan, and The Washington Post, advocating for women’s health and right to pleasure.

Dr. Wiggins helps entrepreneurs and professional women feel their best and have as much success in their relationships as they do in their careers through learning to receive, trust, and attract.

She gets it because she was there too. A burnt out, exhausted, Superwoman living for everyone else.

She believes that great sex is just the beginning - everything comes when you learn how to receive: better sex, better health, more wealth.  


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