The Testosterone Myth

Sep 02, 2020

Myth: low testosterone is the reason for low libido in women and the cure.

Fact: Low testosterone MAY be a contributing factor to low libido and sexual dysfunction for some women (get proper testing done from your doctor), but it is not the only or most likely contributing factor. 

Yes, it is true that testosterone decreases as we age. 

Women are also told that it is "normal" for libido to decrease as they age too. 

This perpetuates that loss of libido (especially as women age) is normal and prevents them from seeking the help they need (and that works). 

Testosterone is NOT the only piece of the puzzle here. 

Anecdotally, I have worked with women that have low libidos and tested for high testosterone levels, as well as women with high libidos that have tested with low testosterone levels. I have worked with women who have found great relief on testosterone replacement therapy and I have worked with women have have felt worse, experienced a handful of negative side effects and had no impact on their libido overall. 

The point is - you have to do your research. You have to advocate for yourself and understand the risks and benefits of the options you are being presented with. 

One place to learn about these options, how to advocate for yourself and share stories of other women is my Facebook Group - The Pleasure Mindset Bootcamp. You can join us here. 

"We can't fix all of our pleasure problems with pills and hormone replacements"

-The Pink Canary

Here are a few things that are better indicators of sexual satisfaction in women than blood testosterone levels: 

  • relationship satisfaction 
  • sexual communication skills 
  • other hormones: like dopamine and oxytocin 
  • beliefs and values about sex 

This is why there will never be a "little pink pill" to cure women's low libido - and you should second guess anyone who tells you that they can. While these products may work for the smaller percentage of women who's libido issues are based solely in low blood testosterone levels, they will not work for women 

No pill is ever going to treat the biggest blockers to a flourishing libido and active stress life, including: 

  • day to day stress 
  • hormonal imbalance 
  • media bombardment 
  • guilt and shame 
  • a relationship that is failing 

For that, you need us. The Pleasure Collective - and you can join us on Facebook. 

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