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Get a Full Sexual Health Re-Education

Learn why you the information you were taught about sex and relationships doesn't serve you anymore and how to reset your mindset for a flourishing libido. 

Learn to Rebuild Intimacy in your Life

From your partner, to your kids, to your co-workers - learn to let positivity and pleasure back into your relationships for better connection and improved outcomes.

Meet A Community of Like-Minded Women

Looking to meet a community of women who are on the same path to growth through sharing, supporting and uplifting each other? Look no further. 

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  • Get the (fact-checked, relevant, curated) education so you can FINALLY understand pleasure, libido and women's health 
  • Meet and interact with a community of women on the journey to finding their joy and pleasure 
  • Learn from experts and guest speakers in the women's health space
  • Get actionable and results-driven handouts, tasks and seminars to implement change and see progress. 


What is The Pleasure Collective? 

Dr. Jordin Wiggins - naturopathic doctor, author of The Pink Canary, founder of The Pleasure Collective - is leading the space for women's health, sex education and low libido. Dr. Jordin's mission is to take women from "too tired" to "turned on" - about their relationships, their jobs, their goals and their sex lives. 

Because lack of pleasure is a health problem! 

Before creating The Pleasure Collective, a coaching community for women looking for more joy, more health and more pleasure - Dr. Jordin opened Health Over All. The premier Naturopathic clinic for women's health in Ontario. Dr. Jordin helped thousands of women find their way back to health and happiness when she noticed that she could fix hormones, thyroids and nutrients but women were still missing the most important thing to living a fulfilled and exciting life - pleasure. 

She has been featured in The Washington Post, Well & Good, Parents Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Bustle and as an expert guest on countless podcasts.