How To Make 2022 A Year Of Pleasure

Dec 31, 2021

 As we enter a new year, we often look to make resolutions and goals for ourselves. There’s one goal that we believe should be on the top of everyone’s list, one that is often overlooked. We challenge you to add pleasure to your new year resolutions. This may seem easy or self-explanatory, however in today’s world the number of women who are lacking pleasure in their lives is overwhelming. Whether they’re over-giving, saying yes to anything, or not asking for what they want, determining what brings you pleasure and not accepting anything else is truly life-changing. So, let’s make 2022 a year of pleasure - and we’ll be here to help you along the way.


Why We Need Pleasure

With the Holidays wrapping up, we’ve found that a lot of women have gone back to that over-functioning, self-sacrificing way of life that we haven’t had to deal with in a while. Whether it’s hosting events, preparing extravagant meals, or letting boundaries be crossed, so many women we work with have commented on how they’re feeling overwhelmed because they’re back to the way things were before the pandemic. 

If the past two years have taught us anything, it’s that we can afford to slow down and say no to things without our world crumbling. Without pleasure in our lives, we burnout faster and often carry resentment towards those around us who aren’t giving and over-functioning in the same ways we are.


How To Bring Pleasure Into 2022

In our most recent episode of The Pleasure Principles, Dr. Jordin invites her friends Kasey and Gigi to chat about how they’re bringing pleasure into their lives in 2022:

  • Being intentional about what you do and who you spend your time with
  • Saying no
  • Evaluating things and thinking about why you’re doing something (does it bring you pleasure? Is it for you or for someone else?)
  • Being selective 
  • Self-reflection (are you being true to yourself?)
  • Determining what you want or don’t want and expressing it (don’t ask, don’t get)

These are just a few of the ways you can start to bring pleasure into your life in 2022. 


The Pleasure Collective

While all these tips on how to bring pleasure into your life are wonderful, sometimes more work and support is needed to truly find what gives you pleasure. The Pleasure Principles provides a space for women to find community and sisterhood as they heal their wounds and improve their pleasure. You can find out more here.

Listen to episode #34 of the Pleasure Principles Podcast on Apple or Spotify to learn more about finding your pleasure.


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