How To End The Burnout Cycle

Feb 11, 2022

Our superwoman conditioning leaves us in a constant cycle of burnout. From over-functioning and never taking time for ourselves, to being forced to slow down and rest because of extreme exhaustion, then jumping back into the over-functioning. Our conditioning we’ve been exposed to since we were young greatly affects our health and wellbeing as adults and something that needs to be changed.

We need to learn how to stop the burnout cycle, and we’re here to tell you how.



The lifecycle of the superwoman is something that we’ve been conditioned to fall into over time. As superwomen, we’re constantly under pressure to push through a task even when feeling burnout or overworked. We are reluctant to ask for help, and even more reluctant to take the time to rest. When a superwoman refuses to rest and make time for her needs, she is inevitably physically affected. Our bodies aren’t meant to deal with this much long-term stress, so consistently taking it all on without reprieve can eventually lead to extreme burnout or chronic illness.  


Ending The Cycle

We have the power to take control and to get off this endless loop but what matters is how we do it because if we come at it exhausted, burnout and depressed we won’t win the fight or make any shifts. We can learn to experience life without forcing or controlling or over-functioning. We can learn to receive love without earning it, and attract things rather than demanding them (because demanding typically isn’t received well). 

We need to learn to embrace our feminine energy because when we constantly step into the masculine (doing more, over-working, etc.) we’ll be stuck in that burnt out cycle. 


Embracing The Feminine

In order to embrace the feminine, we first need to determine where it is we’re blocked. Maybe you’re unable to ask for help, have issues with communicating or you don’t feel worthy. Once you’ve determined what’s holding you back, you’ll be able to approach the situation from a place of vulnerability and rest.

When we’re still and rested, we can let go and attract rather than demand. Doing less, leaning back, and asking for help are all great places to start, one small shift at a time. Start embracing your feminine this week by asking for help with something small (laundry, dishes, picking the kids up). The key to this is to make sure you’re ready to let these simple tasks be done by others, even if they don’t hold up to your typical standards. It may be a difficult task because we’ve been conditioned otherwise, but it will make a huge impact on your life and general happiness.

More Support

If you find that embracing the feminine is only scratching the surface of your journey to pleasure and want more guidance, we suggest looking into The Pleasure Principles program. Our program provides a space for women like you to find community and support along their journey to find or improve their pleasure. You can find out more here.

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