How To Embrace Your Feminine For Better Oral Sex

Mar 11, 2022

Oftentimes, when we see hyper successful women killing it at work, they are stuck in their masculine, leaving them in a cycle of exhaustion, resentment and burnout. When women find themselves stuck in the masculine, the sexual polarity in their relationship becomes unbalanced. This unbalance is particularly evident when it comes to giving and receiving oral pleasure.

The secret ingredient to giving a good blow job? Coming from a place of choosing to give pleasure, rather than out of obligation - because there's a big difference when you WANT to give someone pleasure, versus when it's just another task on your to-do list.

By giving pleasure from the feminine (as opposed to the masculine), we get to take our power back - we're in control and we're doing it because we want to, and we can in turn receive pleasure as well.

Tips on Giving a Blow Job From The Feminine


1. Check In With Your Desire

What turns you on? What does that desire look like to you? Play it out in your head and fantasize how it happens. Are you in a public place, or maybe you're away for the weekend without the kids.


2. Talk About It

It's important to know what your partner likes. Explore different touches and methods and ask questions. Your partner may not love some of the tips you find off Cosmo, so it's important to check in and see what works.


3. BJ's Aren't Mandatory

You don't have to give a blow job - there are lots of other ways to experience pleasure. Some women have sexual trauma or may have been misinformed, and that's ok. If BJ's are a no for you right now, start exploring other creative ways fro your partner to still receive pleasure from you.


4.  It Doesn't Need To Be A Performance

Try to get away from "performing" or going through the motions because you'll lose focus and your partner will notice if you're not fully there. There's no need to gag, spit, choke or replicate anything that you've seen in porn - the goal is to focus on giving pleasure and experience sex that's nourishing and leaves you both feeling connected. 


5. Stay Present & Mindful

Think about what you're doing in the moment to stay fully present and enjoy the moment. Eliminate distractions and give yourself some time to enjoy giving your partner pleasure.


6. Slow Down Your Movements

So many parts of the day are rushed - make sure you have the time to slow down and enjoy the whole experience. A quickie has its time and place, but when you slow down when giving oral sex it will increase the pleasure and your arousal. 


7. Change The Goal

Let's not make the goal of giving a blow job an orgasm. Why? Because you don't want the goal to be getting it over with as fast as possible. We want to make sure the goal it being preset in the moment and enjoying the pleasure you're giving your partner. Enjoy the steps along the journey. 


8) Address Any Issues

If there are certain things that make you squeamish about oral sex, it's important to address them. Talk to your partner about what you're hesitant about - for example spitting or swallowing - a partner who truly cares about you would not want you to do something that grosses you out. If you're hating something and it's not pleasurable for both people involved, then it's time to start making an effort to have the kind of sex that is worth having for both of you. 


Next Steps

If your relationship is at a breaking point and the sex has gone to shit, this is where our team excels. We help people have better sex and feel more connected - especially if you're a highly successful woman.

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