Orgasm Workshop: The Sex Re-Education you Need

What is impacting your ability to orgasm? Find out with a 2-hour seminar from Dr. J! 

You will get over an hour recorded teaching from Dr. J, resources and handouts, and an opportunity to ask your own question directly to Dr. J. 

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This workshop is for you if you...

  • Have difficulty orgasming with a partner, on your own, or never have 
  • Have anxiety about "taking too long" to finish 
  • Feel like your partner has given up on you in the bedroom 
  • Feel like your body is working against you or feel like you are broken 
  • Fake orgasms to make your partner feel better or to get sex over with 
  • Hold yourself back from intimacy and dating because of stress over reaching orgasm 
  • Have no idea what an orgasm feels like or if mind-blowing orgasms really exist 
  • Have never learned how orgasm works for you and your body

Meet Dr. Jordin 

Dr. Jordin Wiggins is a Naturopathic Doctor, entrepreneur, women’s sexual health disruptor and author. She is revolutionizing the way we deliver, educate and talk about sexual health, wellness and pleasure for women. She is the author of the Pink Canary, host of the Pleasure Principles Podcast and is a regular contributor to media on the topics of women's health and sexual education. 

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Orgasm Workshop: The Sex Re-Education You Need

Do you have difficulty reaching orgasm? What about with a partner? Does it cause you anxiety? Maybe you avoid sex all together or think you have to have a few drinks first...

Buy this seminar from Dr. J on all things orgasm and how you can have more!

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What you get when you register (A $2500 VALUE):

  • Recorded teaching from Dr. J ($1200 value)
  • Visualization & meditation practice ($500 value)
  • Q&A ($500 value)
  • Dr. J's must have resource guide ($500 value)
  • The Orgasm Quiz ($500 value) 
  • A community of support (priceless)
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AT. 36 y/o. Entrepreneur. 

“I feel proud of my sexuality and I own it. I have learned what makes me feel good. I am in touch with my desires, how to bring myself pleasure, and I own this part of me. My partner is proud to be with me. He loves how I connect and feel my feminine power and sensuality.”