Why Women Are Suffering In The Current Healthcare System

Mar 25, 2022

It’s no secret that women are dealing with extreme burnout on a daily basis. From the demands at work and home, as well as the patterns and conditioning that’s been placed on us since we were young girls, we’ve been taught to put the focus on others as opposed to ourselves.

To make matters worse, the current healthcare system lacks the support and resources needed for a generation of unhappy and unhealthy women. 


Feminine Burnout

The term coined by our very own, Dr. Jordin Wiggins, refers to the particular type of fatigue and burnout affecting type A, overachieving women. These women are constantly over-giving at work and at home, are reluctant to ask for help and hate not being in control. Once these women hit the peak of their feminine burnout where it’s affected the body so much they become sick, they take a short break and then dive back into their same routine. It’s the burnout cycle that so many women are affected by and stuck in. 

Why does this happen more frequently to women than men you may ask? Women have been conditioned to over-sacrifice for others, and conditioned to take on certain roles in the home that men have not. 

What’s important to remember when trying to break this cycle of burnout, is that you can’t pour from an empty cup. We as women need to be able to step back and take care of ourselves so that we can take care of others. This is especially important when referring to female physicians (listen to episode #46). 


Medical Gender Bias

When it comes to healthcare for women, there is a distinct lack of support for women facing burnout. Overall, the treatment of men and women is vastly different in the current medical system because of medical gender bias. Women are two times as likely as men to be diagnosed with depression. Why? Because as well meaning as doctors are, the current health system isn’t set up to meet the needs of women. The majority of testing is done on men, the majority of studies are performed on men - yet they use these results to diagnose and treat women. It doesn’t add up. 


A New Holistic Healthcare Model

What we need is a new model of care, one that addresses the current needs of women in a holistic way. Dr. Jordin’s program, Health Over All, offers evolved health care for women that incorporates the components of community, accountability and results. Health Over All sets a higher standard of care for women’s health and wellness. 

Health Over All offers help on the health side of things, while The Pleasure Collective addresses the mindset side. If you’re looking to find out more about either option, we are happy to help. Email our team at [email protected] to find out what the next steps are for you. 

Listen to episode #46 of The Pleasure Principles Podcast on Apple or Spotify.


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