Why Being a Good Girl is Trashing Your Libido

Aug 13, 2021

On my most recent episode of The Pleasure Principles Podcast (listen on Apple, listen on Spotify), I talk about ‘good girl’ conditioning. 

Good girl conditioning starts when we’re young, when we’re little girls and don’t have a filter. Not knowing how to speak up for ourselves.

When you’re told to go hug your scary uncle that you've never met before. To go clean your room, help your brother with his homework, get a straight A on every test, help clean the kitchen while your brother plays video games. 

That little girl is now a wife, mother, partner. And you’re doing all this work for everyone else. 

Here’s how to tell if you’re suffering from good girl conditioning:

  • You spend all your time in service of others
  • You feel like you’re supporting everyone around you, but no-one is there to support you
  • You have difficulty making decisions (especially when they’re going to affect other people)
  • You do all kinds of things for your man at the expense of your self-care
  • You get irritable and resentful, but don’t know how to ask for help

This good girl conditioning comes at the expense of your happiness, joy, and pleasure. It comes in the way of your own desires and trashes your libido.

In this episode of the podcast, you’ll find out what the invisible workload is and why being the project manager of your household just isn’t the rewarding role you’re taught to believe it should be.

Why being overwhelmed and overworked makes you stressed and anxious, so there’s nothing left in the tank when your partner wants sex.

If intimacy with your partner feels like a chore or another to-do, you need to listen to this episode. For more on why being a good girl is trashing your libido, listen to episode # 14 on Apple. Or on Spotify

If you’re stuck thinking something is wrong with you because you don’t want sex, it’s time to unpack the good girl conditioning. It’s time to fire yourself as the household project manager. I’ve been there myself and so has nearly every woman on the Pleasure Principles program. We know what you’re going through. Join the Pleasure Principles community to meet women like you who want to improve all the areas of their lives that lack pleasure. 


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