Where sex, science and sensuality meet: Introducing The Pleasure Principles Podcast

May 21, 2021

It’s here! I’m launching The Pleasure Principles Podcast today! 

If you know me at all, you know it’s my mission to create a sisterhood and community for every woman who wants more pleasure! And that starts by learning where sex, science and sensuality meet. 

The Pleasure Principles Podcast brings together everything I’m most passionate about. And that’s healing low libido, mood disorders, and women’s health with pleasure, not pills. 

Yes, that’s right. I want you to learn to put your pleasure first, so you can feel better, stay healthier, have better orgasms, and stronger relationships. 

And because I’m always an advocate for more, we’re releasing three episodes for your binge-listening pleasure! Grab your glass of wine, put the windows down, or put on your fanciest dress you didn’t get a chance to wear this year…you’re not going to want to miss this. 

Here’s a quick rundown of what you’ll hear in these first episodes:

💗 Why not taking care of yourself is ruining your libido 

You’ll discover the two main issues I see with the women I work with and how this makes you anxious and demanding – which really slams the brakes on your libido. Listen here to find out how to keep the spark alive and well so you can have the great, mind-blowing sex you desire. 

💗💗 My Story: From Pre-Med to Pleasure Doctor 

On this episode, I bare it all. You’ll discover how I lost my libido and why I had to do this work to get it back. You’re not alone – I share my experience with depression, anhedonia and painful sex and my journey to founding the Pleasure Collective. It’s raw and vulnerable, and I hope it will encourage you to embrace your own story, your own strength. 

💗💗💗 The top 4 reasons your libido is blocked 

Learn how to embrace the Pleasure Mindset with a pre-sex checklist, exploring your goddess persona and the power of the scheduled intimacy date. I share insights around hormones and why blaming them might not be the answer to your libido block. And why pleasure education, like knowing the anatomy of the vagina, is so important. 


Moving forward, you can expect a new episode every Friday. So, after you’ve binged these first three, we’ll have a new one ready for you next week – just in time for your end-of-week wind down. 

Oh, and by the way, that next new episode’s release date is on National Masturbation Day (May 28th). Can you believe it?!? It’s definitely a sign that my pleasure is aligned. The episode wrote itself. I didn’t even need to come up with a topic! 🤣🤣🤣

One quick favour. If you like what you hear, please give the podcast a rating on whichever platform you do your podcast listening on. We’re new, and we want to get some momentum because I truly believe that the answer to the collective female experience is community and more pleasure, so share a little today.

Listen to all three episodes on Apple or Spotify.


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