The Connection Between Sex & Money

May 13, 2022

Society has taught us that talking about sex and money is considered taboo, leading to less conversations about it and more fear/stigma, especially with women. Despite it being 2022, women are still being underpaid and are less likely to negotiate a higher salary, meanwhile men are 8x more likely to negotiate a higher salary. In fact, over the course of the pandemic 73% of women have not asked for a raise. These stats are reflected in the bedroom as well, with 40% of women having orgasmed the last time they had sex, compared to the whopping 80% of men. 

We’ve become accustomed and conditioned to accept less - believing that we don’t deserve more unless we earn it. This particularly applies to money and sex, two things that have more in common than we think.


Your Relationship With Sex and Money

Superwomen often seem to have the same issues with sex as they do with money. We believe that we have to earn these things in order to be worthy of them. In order to earn respect we have to be nice. In order to earn love we have to be the perfect wife/mother. In order to earn good sex we have to pretend or put on a performance in the bedroom. Because of this pattern, superwomen are facing burnout more frequently and are left feeling unfulfilled.

When superwomen are in that burnout stage, their sympathetic nerve kicks into overdrive, leaving us in a constant state of panic and stress where we’re unable to relax and receive. We’re in constant survival mode.


Safety & Security 

Money and sex have something in common that superwomen need - safety and security. We’ve been conditioned to not talk about sex or money because it’s rude or tacky (it’s no wonder 1 in 2 women will face sexual disfunction in their lifetime). So, when we do decide to talk about money and/or sex, our fears and insecurities arise. We have been taught that we shouldn’t talk about these things and to just accept less than we deserve. In order to break this pattern and conditioning, we need to be open to receiving. 


Shifting Your Mindset

We need to learn to shift our mindset and start being more open to receiving. Once we acknowledge that we don’t need to earn sex, money and pleasure but rather understand that we already deserve them our whole life will change. 

The hard work is believing that the good will come to you, knowing you deserve it and that it’s already yours. You need to work on getting into a pleasurable enough state to be able to receive it.

Our team offers group coaching programs as well as 1-on-1 coaching sessions that help address these fears and insecurities, leaving you feeling empowered and deserving of pleasure. Learn more about our programs here.

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