Sexless Marriages: Hopeless or Heal-able?

Nov 15, 2019

There is no magic number for the number of times you and your partner should be having sex.

The ideal level is the amount that both you are your partner are satisfied with. Which can be difficult to estimate because every single person is different.

Treating your sexless marriage starts by treating yourself. Allowing yourself to open up to pleasure in ways you didn’t even know where possible because of the way you were taught about sex, how you have been conditioned to communicate about sex (or not at all) and what you were taught to believe about the women who enjoy sex.

It’s time to shed those notions.

It’s not easy, they are engrained deep within the fabric of ourselves, our society, our religions and even the media we consume.

But that’s why I’m here to help.

The 3 Thoughts you Need to Reframe for More (and better) Sex"


  1. “Pleasure is bad" 

We have been led to believe that pleasure is a dirty, naughty and sinful thing. People even cringe at the word pleasure like it is a curse word that shouldn’t be used in public. This is especially true for women, who are taught from childhood to dress appropriately, not be too direct and never ever let anyone know how much you enjoy sex. Except with the bedroom door closes.

Try this instead:

“Pleasure is something I deserve and have a right to explore and enjoy”


  1. “I’m just never in the mood”

We are spending too much time sitting around waiting to be turned on and ready for intimacy.

TRUTH BOMB…it’s not going to happen like it does in the movies.  

We need to actively take control of our pleasure by doing things to cultivate it for ourselves! We are living our lives at such a rapid pace. Don’t sit around waiting to get spontaneously in the mood, you will be waiting a looongggg time.

Try this instead:

“What can I do to cultivate intimacy with my partner today?”


  1. “I can't orgasm”

I work with an abundance of women who have never had an orgasm in their life, on their own or with a partner. It is SO much more common than you think. 

So why does your brain and body want to keep having sex if it isn’t getting the reward? Well…it doesn’t. Mediocre sex doesn’t inspire you to want to continue having more mediocre sex.

Your brain and your body want great sex.

Try this instead: 

“I can learn how to orgasm. I can learn how to ask for what I need.”

What I have found over my years of working with THOUSANDS of women is that when it comes to sexless marriages…sex is usually not the problem.

The PROBLEM today is years of poor education about sex, feelings of shame or guilt around sex, and a lack of communication about sex in general.

That is why I developed Pleasure Principles. A 12-week program to unwind and unravel all of these thoughts and emotions. To remove the brakes holding you back from your turn on and the intimacy you desire in your relationship. A trained and skilled coach will be there every step the way to guide you through the process.

There are FOUR spots left for 2019!!

Book a FREE strategy call to see if The Pleasure Principles is right for you! 

You need it, your relationship needs it and we have the answers.


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