Self-Pleasure: Using Masturbation to Improve Orgasm, Relationships and Health

Dec 03, 2019

Self-pleasure is what I like to call masturbation. 

Masturbation gets such a bad rep. It’s dirty, it’s gross, it’s cheating, it’s shameful.

But not self-pleasure. Self-pleasure is fun, it’s explorative, it’s normal and safe and healthy.

Self-pleasure is self-care.

Let’s get a few facts and figures out of the way…

  • 85% of women use self-pleasure (and 94% of men)
  • Self-pleasure is NOT cheating…in fact, couples who use self-pleasure individually report better communication and intimacy in their relationships
  • Self-pleasure is good for the mind, body and soul. It improves relaxation, sleep, dopamine production, mood and immune function.

 Can I get a HELL YAH?

Maybe you are an experienced self-pleasure-er or maybe this is your first time considering it.

Either way, here are 4 ways to experiment, explore and get the most out of your self-pleasure:

  1. Change it up

Don’t stick to the same old routines and moves.

Our bodies like novelty, our brains respond to new kinds of stimulation differently than the same old same.

Try using 1 finger instead of 2, or 3 fingers instead of 1.

Change the pressure (go really soft, or really hard)

Change the speed (go really slow, or go really fast)

  1. Try something new, and then try it again.

We can get stuck in our boring old pleasure habits, and sometimes when we switch things up it can feel a little weird at first.

That’s ok! That’s normal!

If you tried something new and it was kind of okay, don’t give up right away. Try again. It can take some time for our brains and bodies to get used to a new sensation. But with a little persistence, you can open your sexual experience up to new dimensions you didn’t even know about.

  1. Try a new position

We think of trying new positions when we talk about sex with a partner…but what about new positions for self-pleasure.

Roll over on to your stomach, sit in a chair, lie on your back, lean against the wall. The possibilities are endless.

And so is the power of your self-pleasure.

  1. Double up

Use both hands.

While your dominant hand is stroking your clitoris, explore other areas of your body with your opposite hand.

You can unlock pleasure everywhere – your neck, your cheeks, your jaw, your breasts, your thighs. Touch where it feels good and tune into the pleasure as it expands throughout your body.

You’ll thank me later.

Have fun! 

Dr. Jordin




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