Learning To Shift and Create Momentum

May 06, 2022

Have you ever felt like when things are going well in one area of your life, everything else follows suit? What about the opposite, and you’re feeling stuck? This is what we refer to as momentum and it can work in two ways: making your life better, or making your life worse.

 When we learn to take control and shift our momentum, we start to be able to make our lives work for us, and not against us. Keep reading to learn how you can shift and create your own momentum.


What is Momentum? 

Momentum can work in moving you forward with ease and flow, or, it can keep you stuck where you are. Ideally, we want things to go well in our lives and fall into place, however oftentimes when you’re stuck it takes a lot more effort to get out of that rut. It can feel like you’re moving one step forward and two steps back.

Momentum is a necessary ingredient for success in our relationships, in the bedroom, at work and at home. The great thing about momentum is that when we start to shift momentum in some areas of our lives, it will help with momentum in other areas of our lives.


How To Know If You’re Stuck

There are a number of ways you can feel stuck because your momentum is working against you. Get clear and determine where you feel stuck by asking yourself the following questions:


  • Are you not where you want to be / thought you’d be at this age or time in your life?
  • Are you having the same fight and not feeling connected to your partner?
  • Are you dealing with the same health issues over and over again? (not sleeping, same migraines, etc.)
  • Are you present with each task you do or are you multitasking?
  • Do you find yourself jumping from one thing to the next?


Momentum can affect our lives in a number of ways, from the bedroom to work. When you’re feeling stuck in your personal goals especially, that’s when relationships can be affected.


How You Can Create Momentum

If you’ve found yourself stuck and lacking momentum, there are ways that you can create momentum in your life.

  1. Start Small: Building momentum starts in small doses. If you haven’t had sex in six months, don’t try to just get into bed and get right to it. Instead, start with intimacy, touch, connection. If you haven’t been exercising, you can’t expect to run 5-6km right away. You need to start small and start increasing your wins little by little and then watch as your wins get bigger and bigger.

  2. Write Down Your Desires: Momentum can be hard to kick start when you don’t know what you’re working towards. We’re constantly bombarded and overwhelmed with external guidance that tells us what we should desire. Grab a journal and write down three long term desires, then three desires for the day. These are things that you want, guided by you

  3. Cut Something Out: Building momentum in the midst of a crazy and over-scheduled life can feel impossible. Is there something you can cut out or reduce to make more room in your life for the good stuff? Maybe you can put your phone away for an hour after work to really be present with your family. You need to learn what you can shift in your life. 


Getting More Support

There’s only so much you can do on your own when it comes to shifting your momentum, so if you’re looking for extra support from a community of women who are dealing with the same experiences as you, you’ll want to look into joining one of our programs. Our team will help you create momentum and find your pleasure. Work with us and let’s start the healing process, together.

Listen to episode #52 on Apple or Spotify to learn more about how to shift momentum.


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