How To Break The Feminine Burnout Cycle

Apr 29, 2022

The Feminine Burnout Cycle leads to many of our problems in the bedroom, at work, in relationships, as well as with our mental and physical health. It often causes women to feel less happy or joyful than they used to be, and instead they feel extremely exhausted and overwhelmed. 

Are you suffering from Feminine Burnout? Keep reading to see.


The Feminine Burnout Pattern

The Feminine Burnout pattern can be broken down into three stages:

Stage 1: It starts with over-functioning superwomen who do it all at work, at home and everywhere in between, usually without praise or appreciation. They take care of everyone else but themselves and, despite feeling overworked and exhausted, just keep pushing through without asking for help.

Stage 2: After having pushed their body and mind so much, these superwomen finally hit a wall where they’re forced to slow down. Physically this wall could mean they’ve gotten sick with a virus or a cold, or are suffering from extreme fatigue or chronic flare ups. Mentally, they could be suffering from panic attacks, depression, mental health issues or even OCD tendencies. Whatever the case, something forces them to stop, rest and heal, however oftentimes the time meant to be spent healing is usually filled with feelings of guilt for not getting anything done.

Stage 3: The second these women are able to, they’re jumping back into their over-functioning ways at home and at work, usually working even harder to catch up, and then ultimately starting the cycle over again.


Are You Trapped In The Cycle?

There are five key indicators when it comes to knowing whether or not you’re trapped in the seemingly endless feminine burnout cycle. If you fit into the following statements, then you’re likely a victim of the harmful pattern. 

  1. You’re never able to rest. How long does it take you to unwind on a vacation? Once you’re home, do you get more stressed from the vacation because you feel you’ve fallen behind on work?
  2. You’re not very flexible. How well do you handle an unexpected change to your plans? Do small changes make your head explore or maybe you shut down entirely.
  3. Your libido has changed. The sex and intimacy dynamic between you and your partner has changed and something is off. Maybe your libido has drastically lowered, or you may be the one with the higher drive now.
  4. You’re dealing with functional depression. You’re sad, lost, not interested in things you used to enjoy, but you’re still keeping it together at work and at home. 
  5. You’re anxious. You feel like you’re jumping to put out one fire after another.


How To Break The Cycle

If you have been trapped in this cycle of over-functioning, over-giving, and feeling exhausted, please know that there are ways to break this pattern.

  1. Learn to receive. Everything comes when you’re open to receiving it - wealth, health, pleasure, and the life you always desired.
  2. Unlearn and reeducate yourself. Unlearning the outdated and incorrect information that’s been keeping you unhappy, unhealthy and disconnected from the love and support that you so deeply crave but don’t know how to get.
  3. Embrace the feminine. Rebuilding a life with a focus on finding a connection to your feminine energy with a community of support.


Find Support

If you’re now realizing you’ve been suffering from Feminine Burnout and want to break the cycle, then you’re in the right place.

There’s only so much you can do on your own, so if you’re looking for extra support from a community of women who are experiencing the same as you, you’ll want to look into joining one of our programs. Our team will help you find your pleasure and learn how to live the life you’ve been longing for. Work with us and let’s start the healing process, together.

Listen to episode #51 on Apple or Spotify to learn more about the Feminine Burnout Cycle.



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