FAQ: Vagina Edition

Mar 10, 2020

Ask Jordin:

Does my vagina look weird?


Every vagina is different – in size, shape and colour. Every vagina is normal. Your vagina is normal and beautiful and does not need to live up to some unrealistic vaginal beauty standard of surgical-level symmetry and uniformity. 

Celebrate our differences and celebrate your vagina.


What’s the difference between vulva and vagina?  

The part you can see on the outside is your vulva. This includes your clitoris, the labia majora and minora, AND the vagina. The vagina is only the internal part, the part that connects your vulva to your uterus. It’s the part where the baby exits and where your period flows through. You cannot see the vagina from the outside unless you have x-ray vision.


Is bacterial vaginosis (BV) sexually transmitted?

The more partners you have or having multiple partners puts you at a higher risk of contracting BV, but you aren’t actually getting BV from another partner (in the sense that gonorrhea, chlamydia or trich are transmitted), instead you are getting more susceptible to the infection (possibly from the exposure to semen and the effect it has on pH levels of the vagina).


Does my birth control pill increase my risk for getting STIs?

There is a lot of research to support that birth control increases the risk of contracting an STIs. But the exact cause here is a little muddy.

One theory is that those who are on birth control (which DOES NOT protect against STI transmission) are more likely to have sex without barriers (i.e. condoms) that DO protect against the transmission of certain STIs.

The pill protects against pregnancy, not STIs. So it is important that you continue to use condoms to protect yourself, especially with new partners!


Do I need to shave?

You need to do exactly what makes you feel comfortable, confident and beautiful.

And consider re-educating the partner that tells you you have to do anything to your vagina that you wouldn’t do for yourself otherwise.




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