Pleasure and Relationships

How can you use pleasure to improve your relationship?

“He’s going to leave me if we don’t start having more sex”

“I get so jealous when he talks to other women, if he’s not getting it from me he’s probably getting it somewhere else”

“Maybe he should have an affair, at least then I wouldn’t have to worry about having sex with him”

“I wish I wanted to have sex with my husband…but I just don’t”

“We used to have the best sex. Now I can’t even be bothered”


Do any of these statements resonate with you?

I wouldn’t be surprised if every single one of you had a thought like this cross your mind at some point throughout your relationship. Statistics show that sexless marriages are on the rise and affairs occur in anywhere from 40-60% of committed relationships.

So, how is pleasure the answer? How can pleasure be the key to saving a failing marriage?

Firstly, to find what brings you pleasure you also have to find what brings you joy, happiness and confidence - inside AND outside of the bedroom. You have been stuck in the vicious cycle of motherhood, being a doting wife, and keeping your boss happy at work. Where is the time for you? To let pleasure into your life is to make space for yourself and the things you love, and your partner will watch in awe as you blossom into a woman who owns that.

Second, to experience pleasure you have to get rid of some of the stress, because stress and pleasure are like oil and water…they don’t mix. Stress is like the brake pedal in a car, and pleasure is the accelerator. Chances are you have been living a life with your foot slammed on the brake (overcommitted, overworked, burnt out, caregiving, and sleepless). To learn about your pleasure IS to learn how to take your foot off the brake and start giving your car some gas. Your relationship will thank you.

Pleasure is healthy, it is good for your mind and body. Orgasms have endless health benefits, like releasing calming and feel good hormones like dopamine and oxytocin, orgasms combat depression and anxiety, they lower blood pressure, and they make you feel great. More pleasure means more orgasms which means more health benefits and feeling better.  

You know what else you need to have pleasure, you need…

  • Communication
  • Trust
  • Intimacy

So tell me a relationship that can’t benefit from less stress, feeling healthy, better communication, more trust and stronger intimacy…and the key to finding ALL of that is simple, it is finding your pleasure.

Pleasure is like a reward system, the more you want it…the more you want it. I can teach you how to reset your thinking and give you the strategies you need to make the changes and bring pleasure back into your life.

Your relationship, but more importantly your health, depends on it.

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