The Feminine Burnout Recovery Program

The Feminine Burnout Recovery Program is the last program you will need to finally...

improve your health
reconnect to your life
change your mindset
and feel like yourself again.

Feminine Burnout Recovery works because it addresses the underlying root of what got you here. And it starts when you realize your health and happiness are just as important as everyone else's. Start by taking your needs seriously and choosing YOU. 

It's time for a program that addresses all aspects of Feminine Burnout. There is a reason what you have been doing isn't working. If you’re experiencing the physical and mental symptoms of Feminine Burnout, it's time to take an approach to your health and wellness that really works.  

Our Feminine Burnout Recovery focuses on working with high-functioning women who want fast answers, actionable steps and solutions that work. Feminine Burnout recovery addresses your health and wellness as well as the mental reframes you need to ensure that you are implementing and taking your progress seriously.

Dr. Wiggins can teach you how to receive pleasure and open yourself to the possibilities of all that you deserve - in health, wealth, and love - by healing Feminine Burnout. 

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What is Feminine Burnout?

Feminine Burnout is the specific type of burnout that affects successful, strong, capable women at home, at work, and in their relationships.

The women who do it all, who have been running on empty for so long they don’t even realize how much they are neglecting themselves

It is the result of years of self-neglect - putting your needs at the bottom of the to-do list. And it's starting to affect your health, relationships, and more. 

Feminine Burnout Affects every aspect of your life...

  • Health - when you are burnt out, making the right choices for your health can feel impossible. Your body is in survival mode and to heal, you need to manage the burnout first. 
  • Hormone Balance - under stress, your body doesn't react to cues and produce hormones like it should. Of course you are feeling out of alignment with your body.
  • Energy and Sleep - if you are tired during the day, but have trouble falling asleep at night, burnout is already impacting your energy and sleep cycle.
  • Intimacy and Connection - when you are burnt out, you don't have the time, energy, or desire to connect with the people you love and care about. You may think your relationship is suffering, when in reality Feminine Burnout is stopping you from the connection you desire. 
  • Motivation and Success - when everything feels like a chore, you are not reaching your full potential. In Feminine Burnout, you are less creative, less innovative, and less inspired, which impacts your performance and how you plan and achieve your goals.  
  • Mental Health - living with Feminine Burnout is like living with functional depression, you can go through the motions because you're a Superwoman, but your heart isn't in it. 

Heal Your Feminine Burnout for YOU.

You deserve to feel your best. To make your health and happiness a priority without feeling guilty. To feel like a Goddess who is worthy of health, love, rest, and great connection. Let's break the cycle together and re-connect with the passionate, pleasure-filled you that you thought you lost.

I'm Ready

Signs Feminine Burnout is starting to affect your health and relationships...

  • You're snippy and easily irritated
  • You're overwhelmed and exhausted but you can't imagine slowing down because so many people rely on you
  • Low energy - you're tired all day, but can't sleep at night 
  • Hormonal symptoms - hair loss, irregular periods, night sweats, acne
  • Weight gain and difficulty losing weight 
  • You've been told everything is normal, but you know something is off 
  • You don't take care of yourself as well as you would like
  • You have success, in business, at work, and/or in academics, but feel lost and disconnected in your relationships
  • You are Superwoman. You are the project manager of everything from questions at work to meal planning at home, you don't slow down
  • You are craving more joy, more intimacy, more self-love and acceptance & a better support system with a high desire for change
  • Are looking to level up on every level - health, home, work, business, relationships, friendships, community, connection

Ready to heal Feminine Burnout once and for all? 

If you're considering working with Dr. J...

"For the first time in my life, I am able to focus on myself. I never noticed before that I spent 99% of my time caring for and thinking about other people. But now, I am able to see myself, honour my needs, and show up for myself. And I don't even feel guilty.  
Before, I was afraid of the reaction from everyone else. Would they still need me if I wasn't always there? But every single one of my relationships has improved."

-MS, entrepreneur 

Is this you? Break the Cycle of Feminine Burnout with Dr. Wiggins: