The Better Sex Event with Dr. J

Learn how you can cultivate desire,  share deeper intimacy, and a more connected relationship this Valentine's Day

LIVE February 11th at 12pm EST (replay available).

This event is for you if...

  • Valentine's Day feels more stressful than fun. It always ends in turmoil, the pressure to have sex takes the joy out of celebrating, or you've just given up on it all together.
  • Your low libido is causing strain on your relationship because you just don't really care if you ever have sex again.
  • You have the higher libido in your relationship but you can't seem to get on the same page as your partner. You don't know how to initiate intimacy or you feel rejected when you do. 
  • Are too busy for Valentine's Day so you'd just rather not think about it.
  • Are used to being disappointed by holidays and events because your needs and desires go unmet
  • Your relationship is on the brink or feels more like roommates than romantic partners and you would do anything to get that spark back.
  • You are craving more joy, more intimacy, more self-love and acceptance & a better support system.
  • Kids, to-do lists, and scrolling Instagram get in the way of sex with your partner. 

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If you're considering working with Dr. J...

"My sex life is better. I used to feel so guilty about not wanting to have sex with my husband. But now I enjoy the intimacy we do have because I am not so in my head worrying all the time.
He has been enjoying the new kind of intimacy we have. I don’t feel ashamed to be sexy and be feminine. I even enjoy initiating sex more. My libido is significantly better than it was & I have no pain during sex. I can't believe the difference it has made for me and my relationship."

-Heather, lawyer

The Better Sex Event with Dr. J 

Learn how you can cultivate desire, share deeper intimacy, and develop a more connected relationship this Valentine's Day.

Live with Dr. J February 11th at 12pm EST (replay available).

Can you feel it? The pressure to have the picture perfect celebration of your relationship looming in the midst of a crazy couple of years? Maybe you try to plan the perfect celebration of your love and it ends in tears and disappointment. Or maybe you've already given up on it all together. 

How can you break these harmful relationship patterns for better sex, deeper intimacy, and  more connection this Valentine's Day? Join us to find out!

I am hosting a free 2-hour live event on Friday February 11th at 12pm EST. A replay will be available for 24 hours for those who cannot attend live. 

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What you have been doing isn't working. your relationship feels more like roommates and the hot sex you used to have is a distant memory. Get back into your groove this Valentine's Day.

What you have been doing is following the outdated, incorrect, and harmful messaging you've been taught about sex and intimacy. But it's keeping you in sexless relationships and longing for the good old days. It's time to to re-connect, re-learn and re-discover your desires to unlock the secret to happy, health, successful and sex-filled relationships. I can teach you how. 

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You will get:

  • 2 hours live with Dr. J 
  • An opportunity for Q&A with Dr. J
  • Exclusive resources & content 

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