The Pleasure Cure:

3 days for high achieving women to feel fully present, tuned into your desires and open to receiving pleasure this summer!

Free Live Training Series

July 25-27th

2pm EST/11am PST

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*Space is limited for this one time only training*

The Pleasure Cure:

3 days for high achieving women to start welcoming pleasure back into their lives and relationships 

Free Live Training Series
July 25-27th
2pm EST/11am PST


Space is limited for this one time only training

The struggle is real!

Your plate is full.

Your to do list never gets done.

You are unfulfilled and a little lonely.

You have so much to be grateful for. So you feel bad even saying it - instead you put a smile on and appear to have it together on the outside. But inside you are overwhelmed and not fulfilled in the ways you need. Something is missing. 

Cue the overthinking brain…

“There must be something wrong with me”

“Why can’t I just be happy”

“Maybe if I listen to a few more podcasts or the online course about communication I will feel connected and desired in my relationship again”

“Let’s plan a trip or do the kitchen reno instead”

Grab your spot now!!

Grab your spot now if...

You are tired of hearing the same old tips from experts that leave you feeling scared to try it or you have tried and it left you feeling more unfulfilled.


⚡ You are dedicated to having desire, connection, and passion in your life and relationship this summer!

My guess is you have been telling yourself that you don't have time for pleasure.

That the thought of researching, ordering and trying a new toy is more than you can bare right now.

You may have even wondered what you are doing wrong to feel so unfulfilled.

Looking at the millennials with the IG accounts thinking… well it must be easy for her because

She looks like that
She doesn’t have a big career
She doesn’t have kids 

The main reason that my work is so successful, is because I have helped thousands of women in varying life, health and relationship stages have pleasure! 

The teachings apply to any high achieving woman who has A LOT in life but has VERY LITTLE pleasure to show for it.

We are halfway through 2023, time is one thing we will never get back. What are you willing to do to avoid feeling this way at the end of the year?


In our 3 days together you will learn...

Day 1:  How to get out of your head, be present and tuned into your desires

Day 2: How to become a women who is open to receiving

Day 3: How to find your turn on no matter what is on your plate




"I spent years reading every book under the sun but I could never find a structure that actually helped me start making real change. I would feel overwhelmed & guilty that I couldn’t do what they were telling me to do, like it was just so easy for everyone else. My relationships got better, my friendships got better. I got promoted at work."

- Trish


"I was miserable. I was taking it out on my husband and my kids and my employees. I don't even want to think about what they would say about me. I wake up and know what will bring me pleasure that day. I know that I’m doing things for me, not for someone else."

- Kaitlyn

Yes this training is for you if...


  • You have worked hard in your life and accomplished a lot, but you are missing PLEASURE with yourself and in your relationships

  • You want to feel energized, desired and connected and what solutions that will help

  • You feel like you are doing all of the things and do not feel seen or supported in a meaningful way your relationships and life. 

  • You need clear, straightforward actionable steps that can be applied easily in your already busy schedule

I need this training!

If that isn’t enough to motivate you

Replay will be available until Sunday July 30th at midnight EST. 


AND I will be giving away $15K in prizes!!!

🔥 Copy of my soon to be released workbook

🔥 A scholarship to my signature program - Pleasure Principles 

🔥 A VIP Day with me (valued at $10K)


"I have never felt so supported by a community of like minded women. Dr. J has pushed me in a way that has allowed me to gain such a deeper understanding of myself, my past and my feelings."

- Dr. P


"For the first time in my life, I am able to focus on myself. I never noticed before that I spent 99% of my time caring for and thinking about other people. But now, I am able to see myself, honour my needs, and show up for myself. And I don't even feel guilty."

- M.S

Who is Dr. Jordin Wiggins?

Dr. Jordin is a Naturopathic Doctor and Feminine Burnout and Pleasure Coach.

She is the CEO of the Pleasure Collective, a coaching community for women reclaiming their pleasure, the author of The Pink Canary, an investigation into the hidden secret to optimal women’s wellness, host of The Pleasure Principles podcast, and retired owner of 7 figure women's health clinic.

She is a regular contributor to articles and TV, including Cityline, Cosmopolitan, and The Washington Post, advocating for women’s health and right to pleasure.

Dr. Wiggins helps entrepreneurs and professional women feel their best and have as much success in their relationships as they do in their careers through learning to receive, trust, and attract.

She gets it because she was there too. A burnt out, exhausted, Superwoman living for everyone else.

She believes that great sex is just the beginning - everything comes when you learn how to receive: better sex, better health, more wealth.  


Are you ready to stop putting this off and go all in on your pleasure? 

Replay available until Sunday July 30th at midnight EST.