I'm inviting 8-10 women to experience the Feminine Mentorship in 2023.


Are you being called?

The Feminine Mentorship is your initiation into the power of the sacred femininity and with the skills, tools, and resources to return you back to your Feminine Heart.

As Superwomen, the women who take care of and do it all, we often forget to take care of ourselves. We have trained those around us that they don't have to worry about us, because we've got it covered. 

And we do. 

But we're also isolated, lonely, depressed, and disconnected. 

So where do we go now? 

How do we restart and reset when we've created a life where others rely on us but we have no one to rely on? 

We turn back to our Feminine Heart. 

The Feminine Mentorship is a curated experience created to guide you through the exploration of letting go of the control you were conditioned to carry, so you can lean into your deepest, truest Feminine Desires.

I'm inviting 8-10 women to join me in The Feminine Mentorship starting in January 2023. 

Women that want MORE. 

Women that have a high desire for change and connection. 

Women that believe. 

If this calls to you, enter your information below. You will be contacted soon by email or text message. 

With pleasure, 

Dr. J

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