The Feminine Mentorship

I am seeking a small group of motivated & inspired women to spend the next year with me, with my high-level, exclusive Mentorship program to embody the pleasure-filled life of your dreams.

This isn't another step-by-step course, book, or coach. This is community, sisterhood, and becoming - diving deep into your desires, holding you accountable, practicing the work and emerging seen, heard, with faith in your feminine energy and intuition. 

Become the Feminine Force you were meant to be before society, expectations, and "superwoman" conditioning got in the way.

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It's time to embrace the Feminine Force that you have always been.   

The Feminine Mentorship is for you if...

  • You have a deep knowledge and understanding that you are searching for more - you are ready to level up your pleasure and sexuality, your relationships, your health, your community, and beyond. 
  • You are stoic. You have always been able to hold everyone and everything together, but don't have the support for yourself that you give so freely. 
  • You have so much success, in business, at work, in education, but you seem to be the heavy lifter when it comes to relationships and intimacy. You feel like you are constantly fixing and forgiving. 
  • You desire to be taken care of, to be seen and understood, but you have been taught vulnerability is weakness and have hardened your edges to survive as a woman. 
  • Your friendships are often surface level, or last for a season. You are looking for deeper connections, community and sisterhood, because you know what is the way to lasting change. 
  • You are Superwoman. You are the project manager of everything from work to meal planning.
  • You want clarity and confidence in your decisions. 
  • You crave the rest and relaxation of femininity, but have built a life that requires masculine energy and don't know how to embody your inner goddess. 
  • You are looking to level up on every level - home, work, business, relationships, friendships, community, connection. 
  • You want to stop making decisions out of fear or being a "good girl".
  • You are open-minded, passionate, ready to explore and go with the flow to find your peace and become the feminine force you desire. 

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You will Get...


Community (Group) Calls

Monthly calls to connect and bond with the sisterhood, unpack and problem solve how to invite more pleasure into your life. 2 months off for integration and maintenance. 



Skills Salons

10 x monthly Skills Salons focusing on teachings, practices and relearning the embodiment of your new found feminine energy.



Creation (Individual) Calls 

Personal 1:1 calls (x4) with Dr. J to develop and explore your personal goals. 



Weekend Retreats

2 x Weekend retreats featuring guests and seminars to further your becoming. My hope is that at least one will be in person, and if not, virtual pleasure will be coming your way.


  • TBD



Community Support 

Access to a group chat to support and share between calls and salons. Support 7 days a week for the duration of the Mentorship. 

The Feminine Mentorship for 2021 is SOLD OUT. Get on the waitlist for January 2022!

The Feminine Mentorship is about...

1. Breaking through the negative beliefs that have kept you miserable, burnt out and snippy. 

2. Navigating the blocks of the next year with support, sisterhood, and embodiment of your truest feminine self. 

3. Trusting your intuition. Learning how to tune back into the feminine guide you have been told to ignore for all these years.

4. Accountability. Being held accountable to your goals, with professional and community support. 

5. Finding your Feminine Warrior. Cutting through all the noise to become your trusted, authentic self. 

The Feminine Mentorship is about the transformation

Becoming the Feminine Force you were meant to be before society, expectations, and Superwoman conditioning got in the way. 

Embodying the feminine - being, feeling, empowering. Creating a space that is grounded, empathetic, loving and open - and finding the strength in doing so. 

You know the next step isn't just more information. The next step is...

Transforming. Becoming. Embodiment. 


Topics of the Feminine Mentorship include... 

  • Boundaries 2.0 
  • Kink & BDSM 
  • Asking to Receive 
  • Vulnerability 
  • Rupture Repair
  • Alchemy
  • Attracting 
  • Being 
  • Flirting 
  • Body Connection 
  • Breath Work 
  • Energizing the Feminine 
  • Inner Chanelling 
  • Penis Massage 
  • Yoni Massage
  • Intro to Toys

The entirety of the program is not planned design. 

This Mentorship is meant to serve you. And therefore, the program will grow and develop with us to serve your feminine desires. This isn't about getting everything "right", over-scheduling and overwhelming. This is about being, trusting and accepting. 

True alignment, pleasure and embodiment takes commitment, accountability and a little trust too. 

Dr. Jordin Wiggins is a Naturopathic Doctor, entrepreneur, women’s sexual health disruptor and author. She is revolutionizing the way we deliver, educate and talk about sexual health, wellness and pleasure for women. She is setting a higher standard for women’s sexual health, using pleasure as the way back to wellness.

Dr. Jordin is the author of The Pink Canary, an exploration into the hidden secret to optimal women’s wellness and a life led with Pleasure, along with the research to support it and real-life ways you can welcome pleasure back into your life.

Dr. Jordin developed this program for real, lasting change based on medical research and years of experience working with thousands of women to help them heal all aspects of their physical, mental and sexual health.

Because sexual health IS health care.

Dr. Jordin is the only medical professional working in the space of sexual health and outstanding wellness - she gives you support, community, and progress. 

Dr. J and her amazing team of trained coaches, NDs, and Advisors are bringing you the shame-free, accurate, and mindful information about sex and pleasure you need to regain your desire, find your spark and get your libido back! 

Are you ready to get started? 

Don't waste another day living without pleasure.

2021 is SOLD OUT! Sign up for the Jan 2022 Waitlist here.