You may look like you have it all together from the outside - the job, the marriage, the kids, the money. 

But you know something is missing. You are longing for more. 

You already know how to work hard and you're not willing to sacrifice the success you have created, but you still crave ease, slowing down, and flow. You just never knew there was a way you could prioritize both. 

It's time to dive in and stop distracting yourself - to face the void you feel and fill it.

Let's make 2023 you year of FULLNESS for receiving better sex, better connection, better health, and more wealth. With ease.

Who is the Feminine Mentorship for?

Many of the women I work with "just know" this work is for them. They feel called, intrigued, and drawn to my message. But to give you an idea of the participants of the Mentorship...

  • Not opposed to taking action 
  • Seeking MORE - more fulfillment, more desire, more ease, more intimacy 
  • Women earning multiple 6 and 7 figures from a wide variety of backgrounds (CEOs, professionals, entrepreneurs, medicine) BUT you do not have to meet this criteria to participate. 
  • Have a foundation of self-work (therapy, workshops, self-study, life coaches) and are ready for high level integration and teaching. 
  • You are not ready to step back from what you have built, but looking to ADD and SHIFT your perspective and understand the power of the Feminine. 

Each month will focus on a Feminine Skill to reconnect you to your Feminine Heart. 

The 6 Underlying Skills we will focus on include...

Feminine Communication

Learn how to communicate from love and openness in a way that invites people to happily fulfill your needs. Learn how to ask without nagging, complaining, and resenting to benefit you in and out of the bedroom. 

Feeling Feelings

As successful, high-achieving women, we have been taught to run from and ignore our emotions as signs of weakness. Through the Mentorship you will learn to feel, process, and work with your emotions, not against them. 

Relationship Repair

How do you deal with ruptures in your relationships? The Mentorship is designed to teach you to approach ruptures from the Feminine to foster support and growth from your strong and vulnerable heart. 

Feminine Productivity

Feminine Productivity is about opening and trusting your strength and your path rather than closing down and controlling it. You will learn the power of femininity - at home and at work and how to get more by doing less.

Feminine Integration

Learn how to integrate Feminine strength in all that you do. Open up to a new reality of possibilities when you learn how to gain success in your Feminine, have sex in your Feminine, and find balance with it.  

Sex Magic

Harnessing your sexual Goddess energy for health, healing and manifesting. I will teach you how to tap into the energy of creation for improved self-confidence, better connection, and a little magic along the way. 

Who the Feminine Mentorship is not for...

My work is not for everyone. I integrate my educational, medical, and clinical experience to curate the skills and teachings to help successful women maintain and achieve more by doing less. This isn't your mom's sex education, and it's not information you are going to find on Google. This is not for you if...

  • you are not ready to invest in yourself or your personal growth 
  • you don't believe in the power of your feminine energy 
  • you're resistant to non-traditional solutions to your challenges  

There is one common thread in the graduates of the Feminine Mentorship. These are women who are ready for MORE. Who are excited to face the challenges and open to change and new ideas. Who share my vision for a better world, with happier, healthier, women that will change the fabric of our society. 

You will Get...

10 Skills Salons

Monthly Skills Salons will include a Feminine Invitation (teaching) and Feminine Practice (doing). The foundation of the Feminine Mentorship is in being. These are skills and practices for becoming comfortable in your feminine. 

10 Community Calls

These monthly group calls are designed to further your practice & keep you accountable to the work. Show up, share, ask questions, listen, celebrate your wins. We are here for it all. Uncover your hidden desires with my personal direction to unlock your Feminine Heart.

2 In Person Retreats

Twice throughout the year, the Feminine Mentorship will hold retreats, two-day intensive events. These retreats bond us as a sisterhood, strengthens our connection to our Feminine, and are so much fun while we do the work.

NEW! 2 Half-Day Workshops  

We are introducing new Feminine Workshops - half day intensive, online teaching workshops so we can dive into the elemental principles of the Divine Feminine.

Community Support 

Access to a group chat to support and share between calls and salons. Support 7 days a week for the duration of the Mentorship.

*As members of the Feminine Mentorship, you will be automatically invited to bonus events (extra calls, guest speakers).  

The Feminine Mentorship is about...

1. Breaking through the negative beliefs that have kept you miserable, burnt out and snippy. 

2. Navigating the blocks of the next year with support, sisterhood, and embodiment of your truest feminine self. 

3. Trusting your intuition. Learning how to tune back into the feminine guide you have been told to ignore for all these years.

4. Accountability. Being held accountable to your goals, with professional and community support. 

5. Finding your Feminine Warrior. Cutting through all the noise to become your trusted, authentic self. 

The Feminine Mentorship is about the transformation

Becoming the Feminine Force you were meant to be before society, expectations, and Superwoman conditioning got in the way. 

Embodying the feminine - being, feeling, empowering. Creating a space that is grounded, empathetic, loving and open - and finding the strength in doing so. 

You know the next step isn't just more information. The next step is...

Transforming. Becoming. Embodiment. 

Topics of the Feminine Mentorship include... 

  • Empathy Training 
  • Releasing Superwoman Conditioning 
  • Truth Telling
  • Feminine Forgiveness 
  • Dark Desires 
  • Cycles and Productivity 
  • Openness and Surrender 
  • Intro to the Masculine
  • Flirting 
  • Pelvic Floor Awareness
  • Rupture and Repair 
  • Communicating Feelings 
  • Shame Release
  • Female Friendships 
  • Releasing and Attracting 
  • Relationship Roles


Fears & Desires

  • Unlock your Desires 
  • Discover what fears are holding you back
  • Breaking Barriers 
  • Communicating your Desires 

Feeling your Feelings

  • Heart-Centred Decision Making 
  • Communicating Feelings 
  • Asking 
  • Connection Cycle 
  • Restructuring Relationships 

True alignment, pleasure and embodiment takes commitment, accountability and a little trust too. 

Dr. Jordin is a Naturopathic Doctor and Feminine Burnout and Pleasure Coach.

She is the CEO of the Pleasure Collective, a coaching community for women reclaiming their pleasure, the author of The Pink Canary, an investigation into the hidden secret to optimal women’s wellness, host of The Pleasure Principles podcast, and retired owner of 7 figure women's health clinic.

She is a regular contributor to articles and TV, including Cityline, Cosmopolitan, and The Washington Post, advocating for women’s health and right to pleasure.

Dr. Wiggins helps entrepreneurs and professional women feel their best and have as much success in their relationships as they do in their careers through learning to receive, trust, and attract.

She gets it because she was there too. A burnt out, exhausted, Superwoman living for everyone else.

She believes that great sex is just the beginning - everything comes when you learn how to receive: better sex, better health, more wealth.  

Limited Time Bonus 

Apply now to receive The Pleasure Principles, Dr. Wiggins' flagship sex and wellness education program for free (a $4000 value). 

Hear from our Graduates...

"For the first time in my life, I am able to focus on myself. I never noticed before that I spent 99% of my time caring for and thinking about other people. But now, I am able to see myself, honour my needs, and show up for myself. And I don't even feel guilty. 

I would've been afraid of the reaction from everyone else. would they still need me if I wasn't always there? But every single one of my relationships has improved." 

-MS, entrepeneur

"This program taught me to give myself permission and to let myself feel desire and feel like a goddess. 

I believe I’m powerful. 

I have everything I wanted a year ago. What can I have a year from now? I'm excited to find out."

-TM, healthcare




This work has allowed me to explore things that happened 20 years ago. I thought they weren't affecting me anymore. But breaking down the patterns and finding myself again has showed me how I was protecting myself from repeating patterns. I feel freed. And supported by a group of amazing women that will be lifelong friends. 

-OK, marketing


FAQ about the Feminine Mentorship

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