A Dr. J Event... 

Mom Sex

A live 5-day event on navigating the return to sex and intimacy as a Mom.

The transition to motherhood isn't always seamless, especially when it comes to sex and pleasure.

Whether you are weeks or years postpartum, we will cover what gets in the way for Moms when it comes to sex: exhaustion, resentment, touched out, pelvic pain and more.

Daily from October 25th - 29th at 12pm EST (replays & bonus content available). 
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Meet Dr. Jordin 

Dr. Jordin Wiggins is a Naturopathic Doctor, entrepreneur, women’s sexual health disruptor and author. She is revolutionizing the way we deliver, educate and talk about sexual health, wellness and pleasure for women. She is the author of the Pink Canary, host of the Pleasure Principles Podcast and is a regular contributor to media on the topics of women's health and sexual education. 

This is for you if you are a Mom and you...

  • Feel like your sex life has never been the same since having kids (whether it has been 6 weeks or 6 years) 
  • Have pelvic pain or numbness since giving birth 
  • Resent your partner 
  • Are burnt out, exhausted, and touched out
  • Feel like motherhood has changed your relationship - you don't spend as much time together, you don't connect as much
  • Put intimacy at the bottom of your to-do list (or not on it at all) 
  • Feel uncomfortable with the changes in your body 
  • Are overwhelmed by the contradicting information and mom shaming online 
  • Miss the connection to yourself and your partner and don't know how to get it back 
  • Can't relax or get in the mood because you have too much on your mind
  • Have talked to other health professionals, coaches, or doctors and still feel like you don't have answers that work for you
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What you get when you register (A $5000 VALUE):

  • 5 days of live teaching with Dr. J (1 hour per day from October 25th to 29th) with replays available 
  • Guest speakers 
  • Resources and take home worksheets 
  • Discounts and bonuses 
  • Live Q&A with Dr. J 
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JD. 38 y/o. Mother of two

"My daughter was doing a project and she had to choose a family member to write about. She told me at first she chose me but then she had to change her mind because you had to write about what the person likes to do. She asked me what I liked to do and I didn’t have an answer. And I never have in my life. She thought about it herself and said ‘Mom, all I could think to write was ‘my mom likes to clean the house and go on facebook’. So she choose her dad instead. It made me want to cry. Because she is right, that’s all I did. And that’s how I remember about my mom growing up too. Her cleaning and shooing us out of the way because she had mopped the floor and didn’t want it dirty. Now I am in touch with my desires and know what I like and I’m not afraid to ask for it. Moms ARE allowed to want things and not just look after everyone else."

JP. 43 y/o. Mother of three

“I’ve been wrestling with how to put into words the difference working with Dr. Jordin has made to my life.

To say it’s been transformational would be an understatement.

It brings tears to my look at the healing that has happened in myself and my marriage. I entered 2020 feeling like I’d lost my voice, unsure of my own identity as it had gotten entangled with being a mom, not feeling confident in my own skin or as a person. I can honestly say entering 2021 has felt entirely different as I feel empowered, worthy, hopeful, equipped, connected and confident. Your message of factual information, being bold to ‘go there’ with topics that are so hidden has been one of the most liberating experiences of my life. My mindset has completely shifted.”

A Dr. J Event: Mom Sex

Starting October 25th at 12pm EST (replays available)

Navigating sex and pleasure after becoming a mom isn't always easy...in fact, it rarely is. So many of us are left feeling disconnected from our partners, disconnected from ourselves and our bodies, touched out, overwhelmed and exhausted.

So, how do you return to sex and pleasure? Join us to find out. 

Join us starting on October 25th for a week of live content direct from Dr. J (plus special guests) on all things sex and pleasure after motherhood. 
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